Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lucid Dreaming Tips

Lucid Dreaming Tips

After an overly extended hiatus; I'm back and ready to give out more great lucid dreaming tips and techniques. Sorry for the delay, I was in full time (9 classes a term) college (classical music) and work.

But now I'm back to talk about more Lucid Dreaming Tips, Tools and Techniques.

In my last post I introduced Lucid Dream Ideas which aims to give you ideas of things to try when your having a lucid dream. Things like: going to a different planet, talk with a historical figure, become somebody else, or meet your dream guide.

The Dream Guide Tip.
Sometimes a dream guide might be how you got lucid in the first place. Sometimes you'll be none lucid dreaming and won't know it, and a voice will shout from your dream: "Your Dreaming!" or you'll ask a character in a dream: "Hey, is this a dream?" and they will answer, ever so nonchalantly, "Yeah" or "Sure is", and Boom! Your lucid. Thanks for the tip dream guide.

The dream guide appears differently for everybody though, and I would imagine that everyone has a dream guide. The dream guide might appear as somebody you know, or a family member or a celebrity you admire, or an animal, or a god or a "presence", or almost anything; you probability won't know it's your dream guide at first, but they will recur in your dreams (maybe in different forms, but you'll eventually be able to feel/recognize them).

The dream guide seems to be a direct dialogue with your subconscious, allowing you to get deep and profound knowledge you didn't even know you knew, or discovering your true desires and how to actually obtain them.

Your dream guide can allow you to make profound changes in your life though your lucid dreams (which opens up the future planned section of Lucid Dream Training Tips).

The next Lucid Dreaming Tips and Techniques will continue to talk about visiting different people and places while you are lucid dreaming, and more info about the proposed Lucid Dream Training Tips.

Glad to be back.
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