Thursday, June 14, 2012

Visiting People and Places in your Lucid Dreams Tips

Tips on visiting people and places in your lucid dreams.

I though I would expand upon the places and people that you can visit in your lucid dreams after talking about Dream Guides in the last post. You can meet anybody you want in your lucid dreams: Relatives or friends that have passed away, currently living or dead celebrities, all-knowing-beings, people from other planets and times, coaches and personal trainers that help you improve yourself, and more! You can have in-depth conversations, ask questions, or even get them to show you how to play that lick, shoot that basket, or run that fast--you can even do physical training with then that will convert to real world results (google: mental practice). Imagine doing martial art training in the Matrix dojo, sitting down at a table with Einstein, John Lennon and Beethoven, or even flying over New York with the super hero of your choice (or all of them).

The world is a big place, but your imagination is bigger.
Imagine visiting an exotic location (e.g. Paris, Rome, Caribbean, Pyramids, Jungles, etc.).
You can visit any place you can imagine in a Lucid Dream, even places you would not normally be able to travel to; like Mars, Saturn, or distant planets and galaxies. You can even go to fictional places that are from books and movies--wouldn't it be cool to go to Alice's wonderland, or Avatar's pandora, or training grounds in The Matrix. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination (but improved with better dream control).

What are your ideas for places and people to visit?


  1. I've done that! Las Vegas is a great lucid dream destination. When I was younger I used to have lucid dreams in vegas, but I would pretend I was playing Grand Theft Auto and would really enjoy that (like gta VR). I would usually take it too far (like gta) and it would get so chaotic with people chasing me that I would usually loose my lucidity and fall off into another dream. The trick is to rub your hands as your running, or any chance you get, to keep lucid. Do you just play cards and slots? The detail dreams can create is amazing; the lights and textures at night are incredible.