Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lucid Dreaming and Medical Marijuana

Many people that are suffering from terminal illness can gain a greater quality of life from lucid dreaming. People that are too weak or unable to move: are able to walk, run, jump and fly in their lucid dreams. You could also use the time to visit places you have always wanted to visit, or people you have wanted to meet or haven't seen in awhile. There is even the possibility of trying to reduce, or even cure, the damage done by talking directly with your subconscious and asking your body to make the repairs.

Many people that are suffering  from Cancer, AIDs, and other terminal illnesses take medical marijuana as directed by their doctor to help with nausea, loss of appetite, pain, and many other symptoms.

I am NOT advocating the use of such substances, but people that are unable to function without it should NOT be denied the known, and potential, benefits of lucid dreaming.

Many lucid dreamer's have excellent dream recall before the illness hits, but after they started smoking marijuana they could not remember their dreams nearly as often or even at all (lucid or otherwise).

This is not a new claim, you can find a lot of people online talking about the positive and negative effects of pot on lucid dreaming and dream recall. Most of these say they you need to quit smoking for around a week in order to regain your former dream recall.

Lucid Dream Tips and Techniques for Medical Marijuana Users:

The truth is that marijuana inhibits your regular R.E.M. sleep cycle by a few hours; so you just need to adjust your sleeping schedule accordingly.
The offset is usually about 2-3 hours, so if you usually sleep 7 hours a night, then just try to sleep for around 10 hours and you will have your R.E.M. cycles start in the 8th or 9th hour.

The other problem is short term memory loss, which will often effect dream recall. You can curb this by stating your intent to remember your dreams as often as possible--especially right before you go to sleep.

Dream Drugs? Can you do drugs in your dreams?
Can you smoke marijuana or take other drugs in your dreams? Yes! Do they help? Actually, yes, kind of. You could take drugs while dreaming and when you wake up you can feel some of the euphoric effects--especially if you take a drug that doesn't exist that helps with exactly what you need fixed. Sometimes the drugs don't work, but that happens in real life too!

Many people with Cancer, AIDs and other terminal illnesses can benefit from the increased appetite, loss of nausea and pain relieving effects of marijuana, but the effects of lucid dreams can be even more powerful.

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