Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lucid Dream Journal Tricks & Tips

Ask any advanced lucid dreamer what the most important step in lucd dreaming is and they will most likely tell you that "you need to be able to remember your dreams". If you can't remember you had a lucid dream, well, then what's the point?

The best way to start remembering your dreams is to start a dream journal or diary.
I have discussed dream journals previously, but I think beginners really need to get on this. I thought I would share some tips, tricks, and tools that have helped many dreamers to remember their dreams so they can be awake while dreaming.

The first dream journal trick is to USE KEYWORDS.
Use keywords when you are recording your dreams and only write what is most important. Dreams fade quickly, so put descriptive terms or short phrases to help you remember as much of the whole story as possible. You don't want to wake up too much unless you must get to school, work, etc. You can always attempt a WILD if it's the morning and you have no other obligations. Come back to the dream detail later when your actually ready to get up (the keywords will help you remember dream details).

The second lucid dream tip is to get a pen that lights up so that you don't have to turn on a light or move to write down your dreams. You can get a great inexpensive pen light at amazon that has a green led built in and is not bright enough to wake you.

The third trick is to get a hard copy note book keep it under your pillow while you sleep. By doing this you are much more likely to write your dreams because the book is in easy reach--plus your subconscious realizes the importance of this (it's right under your head, it must be important!)

The final lucid dream journal tip is: don't use a notebook at all.
Many of us have smart phones or digital recorders that allow us to record our voice into a digital audio format. This tip is great because it allows you to remain still after you wake up from a dream, and not have to write anything down. You can also upload and catalog all of your dreams on to your computer (think iTunes) so you can search through them by keyword or title.

Hopefully these tools, tips and tricks will help you get to remember when you are lucid dreaming.


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  2. There are a couple of nights every month where I feel like I can control my dreams. I have realized that even though I can control my own actions, I still don't have complete control over the dream. I would love to try out these tips for sure. I never realized how useful a dream journal could be to help to induce lucid dreams.

  3. I like the idea of using a digital device, so when you wake up you can just record your dream, may I suggest when people are starting to try to have a lucid dream for the first couple of weeks set a alarm on your watch to wake you, this way if your in the middle of a dream you will realize it and be able to realize it and record it immediately. after a while you you will know you are dreaming.