Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Finger Induced Lucid Dream

The FILD (Finger Induced Lucid Dream, or Hargarts' Induction for Lucid Dreaming) induction method is a more advanced Lucid Dreaming technique that is based off of the Wake Initiated Lucid Dream method. so you might not want to try this unless you know what your doing, but you can always try anyway.

You should first read part one of the WILD technique and part two of WILD inductions if you have never WILD'd or FILD'd before.

You should try this just after waking up from about 2-4 hours of sleep (you should be tired still).
  1. First, relax, close your eyes and get comfortable (follow the WILD induction above).
  2. Now move both your middle and index fingers in an alternating pressing and releasing motion *practice this: place your index and middle fingers on your computer keyboard X and Z keys while alternate pressing them, but try not actually press the keys down, just flex and release the muscles--you should see the muscles on the top of your hand move slightly, but nothing should be typed).
  3. Do a reality check every 15-20 seconds. Take your other free hand and plug your nose with it and try to breath through it. If you can still breath through your nose then you are dreaming!
FILD Tips:
-Try not to think about the motion, do not count, try to keep your mind blank.
-Try not to scratch or cough, but  if you have to then just continue the technique right after--yes this interrupts it.
-DO NOT roll over. Try to fight the urge to roll over or move your arms/legs (except for RC)--this means your body is almost asleep, don't stop now!

Let me know if this works for you?


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