Friday, January 30, 2009

Wake Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD) PART 2

When you fall asleep while aware a lot of things happen:
  • You have a need or want to roll over or move... DON'T or you will have to start all over
  • Insatiable urge to swallow. same as above
  • You go into sleep paralysis and are unable to move
  • You see hypnagogic imagery (colors and blobs and patterns)
  • You hear sounds that aren't in the room (voices etc.)
  • You get strong or weak feelings of waves of energy through out your body
  • You feel a "Presence" in your room and its frightening
These things all happen every night when you sleep but you will normally sleep through them,
during a WILD you will have to expect them and or ignore them.

Don't be frightened because:
  • If you don't move you will be fine the feeling of uncomfortableness will pass soon.
  • Your body paralyzes its self every night so you don't act out your dreams in your sleep and wake yourself up.
  • Avoid swallowing as it will wake you up, this is a test to see if you are really asleep or not.
  • Be passive to the imagery, if not it will pull you into sleep mode.
  • These sounds are just warning signs that your getting close to dreaming while awake.
  • These waves are part of sleep paralysis they may seem uncomfortable but they will pass.
  • This has been called the Gatekeeper or Presence, some people think this is one of the final tests to see if you are asleep or not, you'll be fine just tough it out.
Why this works: Your body and brain are less connected then previously thought, if you lie still with your eyes closed and relaxed enough your body will think your brain has fallen asleep.
so your body tests the brain (with above tests) to make sure you really are asleep, and if you pass them all your body will go to sleep and engage your subconscious mind while your still conscious... A Lucid Dream.

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  1. Thank you! I learned something new. I had no idea what my problem was but I found it it was the whole swallowing thing :) so thank you it really helped